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PTX-Technology: Optimal use of renewable energies

The reduction of greenhouse gases, improved energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role worldwide. In this context, Power-to-X (PtX) technologies that use wind and solar energy become more and more the focus of attention of the industry. In Germany, there are numerous PtX projects that are targeted at an intelligent coupling of the renewable power, transport, heat and chemicals sectors.

Article in "Chemical Engineering" giving EDL the "final word"

EDL flyer for PtL technology

With its Power to Liquids (PtL) EDL also offers an interesting technology that is targeted at the production of liquid fuels from renewable electricity and makes a significant contribution to the de-carbonization of the transport sector. At present, EDL is planning a PtL plant for the production of fuel components and basic chemicals from CO2 and water using green power. (News e-crudes)

Conventional crude oil refineries can improve their carbon footprint with the PtL technology for the production of CO2-neutral Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbons or methanol. Furthermore, the hydrogen production by means of electrolysis is attractive.

More information about the PtL topic and several PtX projects that are pushed forward because of available cheap renewable electricity can be taken from an article in „Chemical Engineering“ published in January 2019, pp 14.


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