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Custom-tailored Plant Design

Over the years, with 60+ Biturox® Plants licensed to refiners all over the globe, Pörner Group has developed several plant configurations according different international norms as ASTM, EN, GOST and specific refinery standards defined by the client. Based on reactor residence times obtained from pilot tests the reactor size is defined for the requested plant capacity and required product grades.

Biturox® Plants are designed to produce continuously. ISBL-budget cost for a turn-key installation with a high accuracy can be established after definition of the project key data.

40+ years Pörner & Biturox® = perfection in plant design and construction & excellence in product quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.
Plant equipment

During 40 years of specialization in bitumen processing, Pörner has acquainted valuable know-how in the selection of suitable equipment for bitumen processing and handling. Pörner designs all components according to proven standards and sources the complete equipment on a global basis to optimize cost and supply highest quality equipment and proprietary components.

Instrumentation / Automation

The standard plant configuration comprises field instrumentation, contorl systems and cabling for complete automation of the process. Process automation is realised as DCS and integrated in the client's system.Safe-function PLC is carried out separately.