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The Biturox® Process

The increasing worldwide demand for road paving bitumen is in opposition to a stagnating bitumen production. The mission of Pörner Group is to close this future supply gap by means of technology. The Pörner Biturox® Process allows to produce high quality road paving bitumen – thus the bitumen consumption per constructed road kilometer can be reduced.

The main aim of any large-scale refinery in the world is to produce millions of tons of fast moving products (e.g. gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, feedstock for the petrochemistry etc.) at least possible costs. A usual way to reach this aim is a proper crude mix and a sophisticated refinery technology. This approach, however, has the consequence that a straight production of high quality bitumen is more and more impracticable.

Based on the trend to stiffer bitumen grades with excellent fatigue properties the modern bitumen production requires chemical conversion in addition to distillation:

The Biturox® Process has proven to be the ideal solution for the production of both big quantities of standard road paving bitumen binders as well as special and industrial bitumens (products) in a continuous, fully automatic operation and allowing the utilization of crude baskets beyond the limits of traditional bitumen feedstock selection (technical details).

In addition all principles of efficiency are applied in our design when it comes to blending, heating, cooling of bitumen, optimizing instrumentation and automation, minimizing by-products and emissions, saving and recovering energy, keeping maintenance and downtimes at a minimum.

The method

Biturox® Bitumen is made by the method of composition control: That means several raw material components of different chemical nature are selected and combined to an adequate feed composition. This composition is forwarded to the Biturox® Process where it is integrated and chemically converted by mild air oxidation under clearly defined and absolutely controlled processing conditions.

High quality bitumen must show a harmonic distribution of saturates, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes. Thus Biturox® Bitumen is produced by physical/chemical modification that optimizes the balance between resins and asphaltenes to a desired optimum. Such grades are fully crude-based.

As a result, the Biturox® Technology improves the thermal susceptibility, resulting in bitumen that is more resistant against extreme weather conditions, high traffic load and shows good stability against aging.

The name of the tool to optimally reconcile the demand for top-grade bitumen with the upstream cost control is Biturox®.

The Biturox® Process

Biturox® is the modern and time-tested answer to the need for first-class bitumen.

Biturox® guarantees the producer the best bitumen qualities - eco-friendly and cost-effective.