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Research & Piloting

Biturox® research facilities

After more than 40 years of service to the industry, the Biturox® Bitumen Research Centre is the acknowledged service provider for the development of high quality bitumens made from various crude and refinery feedstock bases. Up to date laboratory technical research and development facilities and  latest analytical methods enabled and promoted Pörner's efforts to stock up the most comprehensive expertise on bitumen making world-wide.

One Biturox® Pilot plant is available for practical testing of feedstock or compositions of several components in batch or continuous mode. The results of pilot tests are used as design basis for Biturox® Plants (i.e. reactor size). Reference samples of bitumen can be produced from defined feed compositions ready for further applied testing by the client.

All results of basic and applied research, the experience gathered during design, construction, start-up and routine operation of the numerous Biturox® Plants, the feedback from the Biturox® Licensees, the latest findings of the Biturox® Enhancement Technique (chemical upgrading of bitumen) and, obviously, the performance reports on the application of Biturox® Bitumen have been collected in a most comprehensive database.


Many bitumen research institutes over-emphasise the significance of crude oil provenance and compositional classification, simultaneously neglecting to notice and review the chances, which lie in the thermochemical modification of an almost unlimited range of crude oil derived feedstock.

The main objective of the Biturox® Research Facilities is therefore to optimize the product quality by using the right feed blend, controlling the operation conditions and improving the chemical composition of the bitumen.

In more than 40 years and supported by several hundred research lab and pilot tests using almost any type of crude, Pörner, together with its partners in the oil industry, developed methods how to formulate and process bitumen in a very selective way. All findings have been stored in a know-how database.

It enables Pörner to recommend for almost every feedstock/product combination the most efficient and economical way of making top quality bitumen – even from unconventional cheaper feed components.


The Biturox® Technology is a representative example how applied and scientific research can be conducted effectively, to the benefit of many people, driving on good roads, living in comfortable housing and saving cost at the same time.

Own Pilot Plant

With an own pilot plant the licensee can fully optimize the utilization of feedstock components, blending ratios of components, product quality and/or the production capacity.