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Pörner: The bitumen upgrading specialists

With a workforce of about 580 people the Pörner Group has made a name for itself with chemical and refinery engineering and as an expert in bitumen technology. It has built the largest number of bitumen processing plants of every size in different parts of the world. This achievement enabled Pörner Group to accumulate the most comprehensive expert knowledge in engineering, design, construction, start-up and operation of bitumen plants.

Pörner + Biturox® = Excellence in Bitumen Processing

More than 40 Bitumen producers all over the world utilize the potential of the Biturox® Process, licensed by Pörner, to produce bitumen qualities of higher value - even from cheaper feed components. 

To date, Pörner Group has granted 60+ licenses to bitumen producers all over the world since 1978.

Biturox® Plants have been installed by Pörner for premier refiners worldwide (since 2000 six plants in Europe) in compliance with their refinery standards and national codes. 

Pörner: No 1 in Bitumen Plant Design and Construction

Pörner's expertise includes technological, commercial and marketing aspects. Based on Pörner‘s know-how and engineering capability the most modern bitumen plants have been realized all over the globe. 

All principles of efficiency are applied when it comes to processing, blending, heating, cooling of bitumen, optimizing instrumentation and automation, minimizing by-products and emissions, saving and recovering energy, keeping maintenance and downtimes at a minimum. 

By selecting the ideally suited equipment Pörner minimises delivery times and makes construction fast and easy. Additionally Pörner takes care of personnel training, commissioning and start-up.

Pörner designs and realizes Biturox® Bitumen Plants including all infrastructures out of one hand: production units of high availability, easy to operate and designed to last long.