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Wide range of Quality bitumens

The Biturox® Process is the modern and time-tested answer to the need for first class bitumen produced out of a great variety of raw materials. Pörner's expertise includes technological, commercial and market aspects.

Biturox® Products are developed to produce standard bitumen economically meeting the various national codes:

  • Penetration Grades (e.g. European, most national Standards)
  • Performance Grades (e.g. US SHRP Standards)
  • Viscosity Grades (e.g. Australian and Indian Standards)

Multigrade Bitumen

In addition - following the trend to stiffer bitumen grades with excellent fatigue properties, Pörner developed together with leading oil companies special bitumens, so called Multigrades that are produced by means of Biturox®-based refinery techniques.

Multigrade bitumens

Multigrade bitumens show a reduced thermal susceptibility – meaning they behave like a stiff grade at high and like a soft grade at low temperatures. Therefore these bitumens have high consistency against rutting as well as good resistance to fatigue, combined with excellent aging stability.

Preferably, Multigrade bitumens are used as binder for High Stiffness Modulus Asphalt (HSMA) mixes, providing two advantages for roads -minimizes costs because of reduced layer thickness and a longer service life.

Multigrade bitumen is optimized to:

  • resist cracking at low temperature
  • resist deformation at high temperature
  • resist fatigue cracking
  • resist aging
  • optimize adhesion
  • optimize emulsability

Biturox® Multigrade bitumens are not a new category of bitumen! The excellent performance of bitumen as a road surfacing medium is enhanced and its performance is tailored to the customer's needs.

Biturox® Multigrade bitumens have been tested in binder and hot mix testing series as well as in long term field tests on Australian highways successfully.