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Biturox® - Advantages

Production of bitumen that is suitable for environmental conditions in any given area requires control of the rheology. This is achieved by careful design of the feed composition to the Biturox® Process and the controlled chemical conversion of this feed blend (i.e. by increasing the polarity of aromatic components) within the Biturox® Reactor.

As the numerous references show, the Biturox® Process grants a maximum flexibility in crude selection – as it can – different to just physical distillation - adjust the structural balance and the molecular distribution of the bitumen by chemical conversion.

By doing so, properties of the bitumen can be custom-tailored as required for the application purpose: making standard bitumen in big quantities e.g. from lighter crudes or producing special bitumens to be used as high performance binders (so-called “Multigrades”) in highway construction or even industrial and roofing grade bitumen (products).

Key factors for producers:

  • quality bitumen can be produced from a wider range of crudes and refinery feedstock efficiently by downstream chemical processing 
  • the process closely controls the final product properties
  • continuous operation means stable quality and high production capacity. Change of bitumen qualities (grades) are done without interruption of operation 
  • fully automated and safe operation in the modern refinery

Biturox® Plants produce large quantities of paving and industrial grade bitumen in optimum quality at lowest possible feed and operating costs.