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Feedstocks & Products of Biturox®

Bituminous binders of highest quality are the decisive component of road pavement formulations. They perform excellently under extreme climatic conditions and withstand heaviest traffic loads. With this in mind, bitumen production presents itself as an increasingly attractive and profitable sector of downstream business.

Modern roads have to fulfil three essential criteria:

  • to be economical in construction as well as in maintenance
  • to show utmost durability
  • used road paving material should be as much as possible recyclable

A satisfying bitumen quality depends on the harmonised balance of its chemical components: saturates, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes. The Biturox® Process creates and preserves valuable aromatic components and optimises the ratio between resins and asphaltenes in bitumen and therefore fulfils following criteria:

  • stiffness against rutting
  • fatigue resistance
  • stability against fretting
  • adhesive properties
  • resistance to ageing
  • compatibility with polymers
  • ability to emulsify

The world of today and tomorrow needs more and better roads.