Extended feed basket

The Biturox® Process guarantees the user the highest possible independence from crude types and best bitumen qualities that are eco-friendly and reasonable in cost.

Biturox® stands for better quality from cheaper feedstock components.

With the Biturox® Process, a wider range of (lighter) crude oils is getting suitable for bitumen production. However, the feedstock for the Biturox® Process is obtained from upstream refinery plants meaning that this – if adequately composed to a proper feed blend – is less dependent on the crude properties. As per experience, such feedstock components comprise:

Vacuum residue (short residue) VR

The chemical composition of this "traditional" component depends on the crude source varying in asphaltenes’ content. It contains also a specific distribution of saturates, aromatics and resins.

Atmospheric residue (long residue) AR

This is a substitute for vacuum residue if no vacuum unit is available.

Pitch from solvent de-asphalting process (SDA), e.g. Brightstock Production

This pitch or tar is a by-product from lube base oil refining (SDA Process). Due to its brittleness it also referred to as “zero-PEN” material. This material is extremely reactive and tends to oxidize in the pavement if not adequately saturated by Biturox® processing. However, as it is rich of chemical asphaltenes it can be a valuable raw material for composition-controlled bitumen.

Vacuum gas oil (VGO) and heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO) 

These valuable products are only used if necessary to adapt the starting viscosity of the feed blend for Biturox® processing.


Also referred to as “slop-cut or slop wax oil”, obtained from the vacuum tower at next lower cut point under vacuum residue. Its nature is similar to the vacuum residue but asphaltene content is lower.

Aromatic extract from lube aromatics extraction (EXT)

This material contains a high percentage of aromatics. Being processed it increases polarity significantly - thus creating aromatics of higher polarity, resins and finally asphaltenes.

Heavy cycle oils from Visbreaking

Visbreaker Vacuum Bottom (also referred to as “flashed tar”) and Visbreaker Heavy Gasoil have been tested successfully to be components for Biturox® processing.

Other raw material components

Certain aromatic oils (e.g. cracker bottoms) can be used as a substitute for extract, but their usability must to be tested individually.

Analysis and Testing for the optimum result

Practical testing of available feed components and blends made thereof is a must to analyse the chemical composition, define blending ratios and processing parameters for processing the best product economically.