Pörner Linz: General engineering contractor of the first catalyst plant in Qatar

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Pörner Linz honored with nomination to the Austrian State Award for Consulting 2008

In March 2006 Pörner Linz was contract awarded by Süd-Chemie AG to engineer within ten months only a catalyst production plant that had never been realized before. The overall investment amounted to a EUR twodigit million sum.

After an exciting application for the Austrian State Prize for Consulting 2008 the team?s performance was appreciated with a nomination on November 24, 2008.

Both engineering services and the ecological contribution met with the jury?s approval. In view of decreaseng oil reserves the ?Sindbad? project has also contributed in global terms to a reasonable use of fossile resources when producing liquid fuels.

From zero to hundred

With the kick-off meeting in April 2006 Pörner started the general planning incl. detail engineering for mechanical, piping, electrical, I/C, preparation of tender documents, procurement of equipment, coordination of architects, compilation of documentation, project management and commissioning.

Without having a pilot plant as intermediate stage, the full-scale plant for the production of several thousand tonnes catalyst per year was engineered just based on a pre-basic design by Süd-Chemie AG – engineering really from zero to hundred. In Summer 2008 the ambitious project with the legendary name "Sindbad" completed well within time and budget.



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